Investment Creating Sustainable Value

We develop goal-oriented investment and marketing strategies for national and international investors, both private and institutional, who rely on our comprehensive, trustworthy and goal-oriented consulting services as the foundation for their activities.

Consistently realising the envisioned yields over the long term is not possible unless there is a good balance between opportunities and risks. Our activities always focus on the specific property and take into account its location, use and condition. Institutional investors, family offices and project developers benefit greatly from our comprehensive expertise and appreciate the agility of an owner-managed investment boutique.

Commercial Value- and goal-oriented growth of space

Whether the challenges are in the retail or office segment, we recognise and exploit potential. For the market and its constantly changing requirements, for your needs and your future.


We broker commercial properties in prime locations, shopping centres, local shopping facilities and specialist retail centres all across Germany. The brokerage is based on rent and location analyses and our many years of experience. Drawing on our expertise in letting properties for the optimisation of your portfolio and enhancement of profitability is also a part of our full-range service.


The dynamics in the segment of the most important office locations regularly demand a precise analysis of market developments. We conduct structured needs analyses and provide strategic advice on asset allocation and portfolio optimisation. The guiding principle in the acquisition of properties or portfolios as well as the preparation of marketing documents is always the achievement of the best possible value development. We recognise and exploit potential.

In our view, the prospects for office properties in Germany are similarly favourable to those for residential properties. That assessment is based on the boom of recent years, but we point out that risks are also similar: rising prices, political hurdles, new generation of users. The prospects for office buildings, whether new or inventory, have rarely been as complex as they are today. The office campus is an environment that provides space, community and services to satisfy all the needs of its members. Space and function must be continuously re-interpreted. People are merging the spaces they occupy with the places they need.

Senior living/ Care, Service-/ Microliving, Hotel Senior Living is a booming market: all signs point to growth

Our range of services includes the acquisition and sale of senior living and care facilities, service/microliving and hotels. We base our activities in this sector on detailed property and market analyses as well as on the development and pursuit of long-term transaction strategies.

Senior Living/Care

Senior living and care facilities continue to be in high demand. In addition to traditional care facilities, these also include senior citizens' residences, assisted living, service living and residential homes. Facilities with user-oriented and sustainable concepts have long since become an established asset class on the real estate investment market and offer yields well above those of the classic real estate segments. Detailed knowledge of the market and deep regional market penetration are essential for sustainable investment decisions. In a time of high investment pressure on the real estate investment market and a simultaneous lack of products, particularly in the core segment of classic property types such as office, retail, logistics or residential, many investors are looking for higher-yield properties — senior living and care facilities fall in this category. Although yields from all types of property have fallen significantly overall, the yield gap to care facilities has remained relatively stable. We will be happy to identify suitable investments for you.


Invest in residential complexes for students, young professionals and commuters in growing German university and college cities where demand on the residential property market is high. As the number of students continues to rise and demand for adequate service/microflats exceeds supply everywhere in the country, it is safe to assume that the need for these residences will remain at this level or become even more pressing in the coming years. More and more specialists value temporary accommodation over hotel rooms as well.

Investors can profit from this trend because they are investing in the residences of the future. As this is for us yet another attractive investment opportunity, we broker lucrative investments in established university cities featuring favourable economic conditions, a high level of commuting and strong demand for student housing and microflats that outstrips supply.


Investments in properties run by operating companies (taking hotel properties as an example) represent an attractive alternative and supplement for the diversification of your portfolio and have the potential for above-average yield. Long-term lease or rental contracts with terms of 15 to 20 years (most of them already active) lay the groundwork for an extended planning and calculation horizon. Besides the macro and micro facets of the location, we pay close attention to the operator’s rating. One major aspect is the investment ranking, a performance-oriented indicator that first and foremost assesses the strategies and working methods of the companies and is not content just to read the balance sheet and evaluate operating performance. The brand the operator hopes will prove to be successful is another important selection criterion.

Residential Real estate is like a suit. It has to be a good fit.

Our activity focuses mainly on a continuum ranging from the acquisition and brokerage of blocks of flats and residential complexes to inventory portfolios and new construction developments. Demographically relevant topics such as microliving, student housing and facilities catering to the needs of the elderly broaden the scope of the spectrum. We optimise your portfolio on the basis of meaningful analyses and develop the right marketing strategy for you.

Blocks of Flats/Residential Complexes

Residential real estate is one of the safest of all investment products — largely untouched by crises and in high demand. Both private and professional investors benefit from stable yields and potential increases in value when buying a block of flats or residential complex. We know local markets in detail and how to assess correctly the investment climate in the specific area. Our core competencies revolve around maintaining our level of awareness of ever more exacting requirements in terms of quality of location, profitability and third-party usability as well as satisfying the sharply rising demand for consulting and services. Beyond our own walls, our extensive network gives us access to a large number of private and institutional investors in Germany and abroad. We also offer prospective buyers a high degree of flexibility and transparency for all decisions as they travel along the fastest possible path to success. We provide comprehensive consulting services for private investors, institutional investors, foundations, asset managers and family offices. Our experience and foresight serve your interests during every phase of the purchase and sale processes for inventory residential complexes and profitable blocks of flats.

Real Estate Portfolios

Our approach as a sales or acquisition consultant during portfolio transactions has proved its value and takes into account each and every one of your individual priorities and ventures in terms of price, closing and risk. Whether cooperatives, wealthy individuals, institutional investors or private equity funds — we know the current investment profiles and purchase criteria for all sources of capital.

Our team manages portfolio sales processes and prepares comprehensive portfolio analyses for regional and national real estate portfolios for residential use.

We prepare purchase and sales price analyses, portfolio cash flow projections and investment calculations that are transparent and comprehensible for you. We can serve you with a combination of detailed knowledge of local markets, current investor requirements and central transaction management. Depending on the marketing strategy you have chosen, we perform the service as a structured tender process or an off-market transaction in private sale. We coordinate the technical and legal due diligence processes and support you in setting up physical or virtual data rooms. Our extensive documentation contributes to your assurance that the execution of the transaction process is audit-proof.

Project Development

Our many years of experience in project development and the marketing of newly constructed properties in conjunction with our network lay a solid foundation for an in-depth evaluation and assessment of investments in this area. As both forward purchase and forward funding. We see ourselves as your partner, and your objectives become our own challenge.

Our services range from classic project development and goal-oriented marketing strategies to individual client consulting. We often know as long as one or two years in advance of the ground-breaking ceremony the location, the size and the commercial terms and conditions for a new building project. We can use this advance knowledge to present to you as an investor the option of off-market deals, offering you access to global investments before the official market entry.


Another of our core competencies besides the previously listed asset classes is the creation of value from brownfield sites. Aided by a vision, many years of experience and the determination of the permissible building potential, we define the project and select the clients that come into question. We consider the following:

  • Development and expected development areas
  • Demolition plots of any kind
  • Land with former liabilities and planning restrictions
  • Property with development reserves
  • Inventory properties with potential for redensification

Your personal wishes and interests are as individual as the characteristics of your property. We create a tailored marketing concept for you to which you can make your own contributions.

Thanks to our experience of over 20 years on the market, we are able to access a large and far-reaching network. It includes partners and clients who are potential buyers for your property, but goes on to encompass specialist planners, surveyors and project developers so that we can provide you with a full range of services from a single source.