Company Marketing Cannot Succeed Without Intelligent Concepts

IKP Immobiliengruppe operates nationwide and brokers real estate properties in the asset classes retail, residential, office and hospitality. Investors, owners and project developers can contact our offices in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin to arrange consultations on marketing and for collaboration in the development of concepts for the future use of the properties.

Our Values Adherence to our values is a pillar of our business

The basic principle for successful, profitable and professional cooperation is grounded in experience and trust. All our actions and activities are aligned with these premises. Our many years of success can be attributed to this commitment.

Team Spirit

A common vision generates a corporate culture that we are very proud to claim as our own. Our stability on the market is the foundation on which we build a successful future. We work as a team in a spirit of trust to master the constant adaptations demanded by new challenges of the marketplace and develop customised strategies for our clients; we interact with one another to find the best path to the achievement of our common goal.

Personal Touch and Trust

In this age of short-lived relationships and digitalisation, the personal touch and trust remains an important factor. Personal contact and adherence to our values is very important to us. Our actions are at all times respectful and discreet, and we devote our full attention to our clients, guaranteeing ongoing cooperation in a spirit of trust. Your satisfaction is our hallmark.


Quality may lie in the eye of the beholder. But as we see it, the standard for first-class quality begins where complete satisfaction has been achieved. It is generated during close cooperation with the client and in the pursuit of common goals until a successful result has been achieved. Effective communication, networking and reliability are the criteria for our understanding of quality.


Innovation within the constant? We believe the two are inextricably linked. We will remain consistently successful on our ever-changing market solely if we carefully steer change and evolutionary development. While remaining innovative and creative in their way of thinking, our team members stay level-headed as they improve on what has been handed down and adapt traditions to contemporary views.

Our History Specialists for Prime Locations

A passion for real estate and decades of experience unite our team and have made us one of the leading consulting firms for retail and investment in Germany.